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Bike Insurance

No matter what happens, We'll be by your side

NeptuneLife's main insurance cover is the payment of the sum insured in the event of death. However, it also supplements this benefit with a number of covers:

- Accidental death: an additional sum insured if the death is due to an accident covered in the policy.

- Death due to a road-traffic accident: an additional sum insured if the disability is due to a road traffic accident.

- What's more, repatriation is also covered if theinsured dies in a province or country that is not their habitual place of residence.

- Permanent total disability for all types of work: the insured will be advanced the sum insured stipulated in the policy.

- Disability due to an accident or road traffic accident: additional sumsinsured if the disability is due to an accident or road traffic accident.

- Serious illnesses: the insured will be advanced the contracted sum insured if he/she is diagnosed with a seroius illness or requires an operationdetailed in the policy.

- Expert medical advice from Best Doctors®: the finest international specialists will review your diagnosis and recommend the most suitable treatment options for a potential illness. Best Doctors® also available at www.pregunteabestdoctors.com.

- Double sum insured: if the insured and his/her spouse die in an accident and have children under 18, the beneficiaries will receive an additional sum equal to the death benefit.

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