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Bike Insurance

FEEL safe so that your loved ones FEEL PROTECTED

With the covers Neptune Life Insurance provides, that's what you can give your loved ones: protection and peace of mind. Because it is life insurance that guarantees th sum insured is paidin the event of death, and also includes additional covers for accidents, disability and serious illnesses.

If you have someone in your life you want to protect, the most secure way of doings so is with Neptune Life Insurance.

- If you have family responsibilities or are responsible for another person

- If you are self-employed and looking to supplement public benefits.

- If you have a substantial wealth and need to prepare for the Inheritance and Gifts Tax and for distributing inheritance.

- For protection from unforeseen events, such as disability or serious illness, so that they do not imply a loss of income or an increase in expenses.

- To guarantee you can remain the owner of your company.

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