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Bike Insurance

Insurance offering you More Services

As feeling protected also invloves someone helping you day in, day out, Neptune Quality Home Insurance now has two new additional services you can use FREE of charge.

New Home Improvement Service



A Home Improvement service you can use once per year at no cost to carry out all the small improvements and repairs your home needs. It includes:

- FREE call-out for the professional to your home.

- Up to 3 hours of labour costs.

You can use this service to install bathroom and kitchen appliances, replace taps, assemble flat-pack furniture, put up curtains and many other tasks, saving you a lot of time and money.


New IT Assistance Service



Neptune Quality Home Insurance includes a technology assistance service via telephone or online chat, helping you resolve problems with computers, multimedia players and browsers.

- Installing and uninstalling applications

- Setting up operating systems, hardware requirements etc.

Additionally, when required, it includes the call-out costs and the first hour of the technician time in situ.


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