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Install a smoke detector with an alarm.

Equip your home with a fire extinguisher and learn how to use it.

Make sure the gas tap is turned off before going to bed.

Do not overload electrical sockets.

Avoid using long sleeves, loose-fitting clothes and easily flammable materials such as cotton, rayon, acrylics, etc., when cooking.

Never leave matches or lighters within reach of children.

When emptying ashtrays, make sure that the contents are completely extinguished.

Do not store towels or plastic utensils on the shelves above the oven.

Whenever possible, use fire-resistant upholstery and avoid placing ashtrays on armrests.

Do not smoke in bed, keep heaters at least one metre away from the bed and do not use heaters to dry clothes or shoes.

Always keep the phone number for the fire brigade close to hand.


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